From the Dance Floor to the Chapel

We haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks but it feels like an eternity. As I’ve mentioned, we’re in the midst of our own wedding and had bridal showers, bachelor parties, family visits, etc. over the last few crazy weeks and had to take some time off to enjoy! However, I’ve been thinking about today’s post for that past few months! Ever since my first meeting with this couple in April I couldn’t wait to share their story….

On Friday, March 6th 2009, Amy & Jared had their first kiss. It was on the dancefloor (love that of course)…at a friend’s wedding. And, I was the DJ playing the song during that kiss! That kiss turned into marriage on July 3rd 2010! And, I had the pleasure of playing at that wedding too. I was speechless when a year after the March 6th wedding I had a meeting with Amy & Jared and they told me the whole story. I couldn’t believe, that as a DJ, I was part of this relationship from start to…well, forever.