Wedding Song Recommendations: Cake Cutting

“How do I choose a song for our father daughter dance?”
“What if we don’t have a “song”, how do we choose our first dance track?”
“We want to be different so what do you suggest for our grand entrance song?”

These are all great questions and ones that we hear all the time. So, we decided to start posting our best recommendations and even creative song selections from our own clients to help all of our brides and grooms to be!

Dessert Time!  The Cake Cutting tradition can be scheduled at several different points during your wedding reception.  Many times, we have clients that like to use it as a break from dancing, later in the evening.  From a DJ/MC perspective,  Elevated Pulse loves to recommend Cake Cutting right after dinner.  This helps to prevent a lull on the dance floor when everyone stops to eat the cake.  However, if it’s scheduled later in the evening in the middle of dancing, it does allow for us to transition to dance tunes for the younger crowd that stays for the late night party!  Either way, choose a cake cutting song that is fun, simple, and SWEET.  Here are just a few we like:

Song: We Are Going to be Friends
Artist: White Stripes

Song: Everything’s Right
Artist: Matt Wertz