Mid-Week Mix Sessions


For your listening pleasure, and to get you over that mid-week slump, Elevated Pulse is providing you with a different type of music mix as often as possible! We’ll highlight different DJ’s and different styles each time so make sure you check back every month and have a listen!

This mix is truly for everyone! After months of searching, we were able to compile some incredible “Oldies” remixes.  Elevated Pulse has dropped many of these tracks at recent weddings and found they can be played seamlessly with our current top dance music.  It’s such an amazing feeling to see Mom, Dad, and Grandma dancing to a song they’ve always loved and then look around to see that the young crowd knows all the words too and is singing along!  We seriously LOVE this mix and have been so anxious to share it!  We DARE you not to dance!

Oldies Remix by Elevatedpulse